Sunday, February 25, 2007

A Note on Crying Drips

Every so often you just have to write down things that your kids do so that you will remember them forever and you will be able to tease them about it when they are teenagers. This week was one of those weeks. My little Touchdown was a total treasure trove of one-liners this week and I've got to relate the sheer madness of her little personality. She is really a pill.

It all began last Saturday when she was to go to her cousin's "Princess" b-day party. The Wife was sick so I got saddled with the chauffeur duty. As I got Touchdown buckled into the minivan and made my way around the front of the van, I may have let a little gas escape me in the form of a little toot. She laughed hysterically and we left to go to the party. I thought all had been forgotten of the toot, but about a mile into our sojourn I look back at her and she is just about to cry. She is holding the folds of her lavender chiffon "Princess" dress in her little hands with a look of total despair and disgust.

"Daddy," she said with her nose all scrunched up, "your toot made my dress all foggy. Look! It's all foggy."

I looked but I must say it didn't look foggy at all. Nevertheless, perception is 95% reality so I'll take her word for it.

In a related story, this past Monday on a similar drive (albeit tootless), Touchdown started sobbing in the back seat because she didn't want me to die. Its a long story, but one in which the Primary in our local congregation was teaching the children about God's Plan and mentioned that in God's Plan every one of us will eventually die but that we can live with our families forever if we're not naughty. Well, Touchdown has been naughty lately and so she was sure that when I died and she died we couldn't live together and she was not happy about it. She was a total mess. Tears were flying in every direction and little Touchdown was really quite amazed that so many tears were flying out of her. She stopped her crying for a brief second amidst all of this blubbering and asked...

"Daddy, does everyone get them like me?"

"Get what, honey?"

"The crying drips. Does everyone get the crying drips like me?"

Sometimes its good to be the daddy.

Monday, February 12, 2007

A Note on February

Wow! It's been awhile since I have written and I have to catch up. Here is a quick list of events in our family.

1. The Wife and I went to see Howard Jones in an acoustic concert. He was phenomenal. Really! I haven't had so much fun in a long time. It was quite comical that every 30-something in Southern Utah was at the concert. We must have exhausted the babysitter pool in three counties.

2. Speaking of pools...the Teenager again made the State Swimming Meet in the 200 IM and the 100 Back. She went to Provo and swam beautifully getting 13th and 14th respectively. We are very pleased.

3. Kid Indy is a total terror. The Queen has now bungee-corded all of the kitchen chairs to the table to prevent him from total destruction.

4. Touchdown is doing fine. She is still a little manipulator of nearly everyone and is (as I speak) stealing colored paper for a project.

5. I am busy with my job. Just this past week I went to the Arizona Strip south of Fredonia and found a Bajada and a San Jose projectile point. Cool stuff for sure.

6. The Queen is busy planning our Spring Break trip to Palm Springs and seems all too happy about it. She is just anxious to be off for a full week and I can hardly blame her.

7. We are very blessed.

8. Grandpa Jones went to the hospital again because of his blood clot and they put him back on blood thinners. He is doing better.