Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A List of Titles

I have determined that I have a good long list of titles that I respond to or that are inherent since I am a father of children and married to a woman. Here are my favorites.

1. Daddy Dragon
2. Top Chef
3. Head Bug Squisher
4. Lead Light Bulb Changer
5. Garbage Taker-Outer
6. Fight Mediator (I share this in a joint roll with the Wife)
7. Preferred Poet (Yes, the Teenager has employed me at various times)
8. Bed Warmer (I lay on the Wife's side of the bed until such time that she gets in so the bed is toasty)
9. Reacher of High Places (a roll reserved for only the least height-challenged)
10. Official Blog Writer

Monday, March 17, 2008

A List of Being Almost Three

I am a big fan of Lil Indy. He cracks me up. I really think he has a tremendous life. It is a good time. So today I present a list of things that you can do at age three that you can't do at age 39.

1. You can refer to yourself as Baby Dragon without being a rapper or a martial artist.

2. You can take off all your clothes in front of very attractive women and they find it downright cute.

3. You can ride your wooden horse, Gallup, until you fall down in exhaustion.

4. You can give High-fives to everyone at church regardless of age, sex and social position.

5. You can spin yourself into oblivion without the spectre of vomiting hanging over you.

6. Finding out that you can snap your fingers is a big highlight in your day.

7. Grandpa gives you anything you want as long as you say "Thank you" and "Please".

8. Seeing the Moon in the sky is a cherished event.

9. Flirting with hot chicks will get you a sucker rather than a black eye.

10. You might get to pee on Cheerios.