Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Note on Swimming Fever

The teenager attended the State Swimming Championships this weekend in Provo and had a spectacular meet. She bettered her personal best time in the backstroke by nearly a second and finished 12th in the 4A competition (she would have had a podium finish in 3A). She also got listed by several of the swim team boys as "Hottest Chick on the Team" during the swim preference. A big honor for sure.

As for the Wife and the kids and me, we just tried to stay upright. We were all so sick with fevers and coughs and stuffy noses. The little ones were troopers, but they can only sit in a hot, steamy swimming complex so long before they just revolt. The revolution was ugly but relatively quick and ultimately painless. Needless to say, today we are sleeping in and trying not to puke on each other.

As for other noteworthy events in the Jones household...we owe a ton of taxes this year and are dreading having to write that check. All is well.


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