Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Note on Palm Springs

I am so overwhelmed.

I have work, which is absolutely exhausting. I have a terrible sinus/allergy/flu/fever/dehydration thing that is going on three months. I have three very involved children with exceptional demands. I have a wife that is equally swamped with work. And I have a blog.

The blog gets the short end of the stick when all else overwhelms. Sorry....

To catch up a bit.

The family has been on a full blown spring break vacation to Palm Springs in the last month and the wedding of the Wife's eldest nephew in Santa Clarita, California as well. To say the least, the kids are champions when it comes to sitting in the van for long periods of time.

I am not.

In Palm Springs we accomplished the following...

1. We swam around in circles interminably in the resort's "Lazy River".
2. The King went golfing at a very ritzy golf course in Indio and got lousy service.
3. The whole family again jumped in the van and made a trip to SeaWorld and saw Shamu. Lil Indy patted one of the Budweiser Clydesdales, Touchdown got splashed by a stingray, and the Teenager spent innumerable hours in the bathroom straightening her hair (which is what I could say most any day).
4. We sweated our tushes off at the Living Desert Animal Sanctuary and Gardens.
5. We got on a tram and went to the top of an extremely high mountain for no apparent good reason (have I explained that I am terrified of heights).
6. The Wife and I cruised through Joshua Tree National Monument one morning and I loved it immensely.
7. We ate a lot of food that isn't good for us.
8. The King got his finger smashed in a restaurant door trying to prevent Lil Indy from running into traffic in the middle of Palm Springs.
9. We went around in circles a lot in the "Lazy River".
10. We travelled in circles in the...well, you get the picture.

A good time was had by all.