Saturday, June 25, 2005

A Note on Steve Winwood

Brianna over at Counting to Three is a meme virgin and so when she tagged me, I felt obligated to do the meme even though she is a big Justin Timberlake fan and I find that slightly repulsive. Anyway, Brianna, here it is. For the rest of the citizens, I should remind them that this list is different than the WilkeWorld soundtrack that I published earlier.

Total Volume of Music Downloaded on your Computer: None. Absolutely squattola. I have no idea how to even do it. I know that an Ipod is a music saving device, but I've never seen one and I have no idea how it functions. I still have a tape-player in my car instead of a CD-player. I am musically idiotic.

Last CD Acquired: Kenny Chesney--When the Sun Goes Down
Last CD Purchased: Best of the English Beat

Five Songs that Mean A Lot to Me and Why:

The Finer Things--Steve Winwood: I am driving from Paul, Idaho to our home in Heyburn, Idaho following the breakup with my high school girlfriend when this song comes on the radio. It doesn't really have any significant meaning other than it takes me to a specific place at a specific time.

Dead Man's Party--Oingo Boingo: Heard this interminable song at a concert in the late nineties, and I am convinced that Danny Elfman is a genius. It was so much fun. I actually met him at my store a couple of years later and his girlfriend was a little too free as she took her shirt off in the middle of the store for all the world to see. What happens in Vegas.....

I Say a Little Prayer--Diana King: This is the first track off the soundtrack to My Best Friend's Wedding and the song I heard every morning for nearly three years, cause my wife had that CD in the clock/radio as the "wake-up" song. I hate this song with a passion, but its catchy, which enfuriates me even further.

The States Song: You know the one that we all learned in 4th or 5th grade that begins with "Alabama, Alaska, Arizona...." This little song has meaning because my stepdaughter once sang that song for almost 4 hours on a trip one time. No, not one time, several times on several trips. It really bogs down around Nebraska and the "New" states but comes back with a vengeance with a resounding "Wyoooooooooooooming"

Ants Marching--Dave Matthews Band: I know the words to a precious few songs and this is one of them. I love DMB and this is the best song they have with Warehouse a close second. "Lights down, you up and die" Love it.

There you have it, Brianna. A completed meme. I'd like to thank the Academy.....


Blogger Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i've done this meme too, i like that song timberlake does, that girlfriend one with nelly! you will still come and visit me, won't you? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6:47 PM  
Anonymous colleen said...

I have never seen an ipod and have no music on my computer either. I have other things for that! Just wanted to say in my first 25 things on my 100 list, I wrote how I manifested my husband by listening to and dancing to Higher Lover over and over. Thought you'd appreciate that. That whole album is great! (Can I still say album?). Will post the IQ story soon. It's a doozy.

9:11 PM  
Blogger Shaleen said...

I have hundreds of songs on my lappy. : ) And that "States Song" was one that wasn't taught to me when I was little. I feel like I've missed out. Ah well.

12:19 PM  

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