Tuesday, June 21, 2005

A Note on Rabid Fun

As promised, I present to the citizens of WilkeWorld John Cowart's stellar blog appropriately named Rabid Fun. John's blog is being featured here at WilkeWorld due to his outstanding suggestion that the Sea Cow be the official mascot here in WilkeWorld.

I don't know exactly what prompted this self proclaimed Fundamentalist Christian to show such an affection for the beloved creature, but his suggestion was well recieved here and garnered him this honor.

I also don't know exactly how John came to find us here at WilkeWorld, but he has been with us for awhile infusing my belaboured postings with his wit and intellect in the form of comments. He actually has two sites that he manages with his adept skill. The Rabid FUNdamentalist is a humorous website that features his books, columns, and papers. While being a page that focuses on a variety of religious issues with a healthy dose of theology, John's site also includes articles with titles like "The Girl in My Shower" and "Warnings and Illicit Kissing on Christmas Eve".

John is rightly self deprecating and even goes so far as to question whether he is a fundamentalist or simply a fundament. I particularly liked the article on the Sea Cows of Jacksonville, his home town.

John's other site is his blog entitled Rabid Fun. In it, he and his lovely accomplice, Ginny, tell of their escapades and wanderings. I especially liked it when John mentioned that his children got invited over to watch Japanese enema films. John, I hate to say it, but enema and anime are vastly different viewing experiences and, for your kids' sakes, I hope they got to see the anime.

In one of John's responses to a question about his blog persona, he mentioned that his entries are often prefaced with "Another wasted day in a wasted life." Well, citizens of WilkeWorld, I can tell you that a visit to see John will not be a wasted endeavor.

Thanks again, John, for the suggestion.


Anonymous john cowart said...


I don't know what to say.

I thought that maybe you'd post a fine-print link or something simple, but here you've written such a complimentary essay. What a nice thing to do.

My wife especially likes your phrase, "John is rightly self deprecating".

To quote Elvis, "Thank you. Thank you very much".

p.s.: I've forgotten the link that originally brought me to your site; but I immediately identified with one of your great tales of daily family life and kept coming back.

3:17 AM  

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