Sunday, April 24, 2005

A Note on Hospital Food

I hesitate to write this post for two reasons. First, it is a cliche to say that hospital food challenges the notion that hospitals are places of healing and wellbeing. Second, what could I possibly add to the volumes already written on this subject? Well, the white meatloaf-like substance offered up yesterday evening in the maternity ward pushed me over the edge.

My wife eyed it for awhile, nose scrunched up defensively, and then posed the question that I, too, had been contemplating, "What is it? Tofuloaf?"

I couldn't answer her question definitively so I looked for more clues. Yes, pea-like pellets accompanied the cloudy slab and stuccoed potato flakes whisked into oblivion stood proudly next to the "meatloaf" on the steamy plate.

"Uh, no way," she defiantly uttered.

"Not even the brown peaches." I encouraged her.

Needless to say, I soon found myself in the drive-thru at Dairy Queen.


Blogger Wendopolis said...

I don't know why hospitals even bother serving food to new moms, or anyone, really. After four kids I can say that hospital food is the worst--and not even identifiable. Bring on the burgers and fries!

Congrats on the new rugrat!

5:37 PM  
Anonymous Grandpa Jones said...

I have noticed that they(hospitals) make your stays so much shorther these days. I believe in one of their board meetings they discussed how to do this and they have come up with several methods. 1. Get the woman up within two hours, ITS BETTER FOR THEM. 2. Have the entire family visit so they will feel like right at home. 3. Have the nurses walk in every 20 minutes and wake them up. 4. At last but not least, feed them food that is unidentifiable,(To avoid law suits) uneatible, and if the food is so undesireable that the patient hasn't even touched it, serve it to the next patient, lowering cost. UGH ugh

8:39 AM  

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