Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Note on the Brinkerhoff Humanitarian Fund

Several years ago, Grandpa Jones, my brother and I all attended the Santa Anita Derby in Arcadia, California. Widely considered the most celebrated and important horserace on the West Coast, the Derby bubbles over with pomp and circumstance. The rich women that usually inhabit the salons and the swanky clubs venture through the gates adorned with colorful and fancy hats and pompous, arrogant horse owners dressed in Armani suits fervently smoke their Cuban cigars and carefully study the Daily Racing Form. It is a wonder to behold. It is Americana with a West Coast hangover. We were forever hooked.

Many years later our family came to know Tod Brinkerhoff, a thoroughbred trainer with modest means but a love and a dedication to his profession and the horses that provided him with his livelihood. He and Grandpa Jones became quick friends. They both loved the horses and the camaraderie of the characters at the track, especially the jockeys, trainers, stablehands, and owners. They shared their victories and defeats and forged a real friendship. Unfortunately for Grandpa Jones, Tod shared most of the victories and Grandpa Jones shared most of the defeats.

A couple of years ago, doctors diagnosed Tod with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Tod was naturally devastated, but he managed to keep a smile on his face. Over time his condition deteriorated. He couldn’t move his muscles the way he wanted and his speech became impaired. He struggled mightily but he kept going to the track and working with his horses. He needed the track, but, more importantly, the track needed him. Tod was a shining light and a real competitor.

Sadly Tod Brinkerhoff passed away earlier this year due to complications with Lou Gehrig’s Disease. His lasting legacy will be one of determination and an uncommon bond with the men and women of the racing community. He will be missed.

It is in Tod’s memory that Grandpa Jones, Tod’s family, and the entire racing community have established the Brinkerhoff Humanitarian Fund. The fund will aid young men and women in the racing community, who possess Tod’s spirit and will, to pursue their dreams.

Information on the Brinkerhoff Humanitarian Fund and ways to contribute can be found by contacting:

L. Corry Jones

or clicking here.


Anonymous Grandpa Jones said...

I am starting to get a complex reading your Blogs, I am lured into thinking you are going to be kind and nice, and then very subtlely you take a jab at me. For instance, you tell of the relationship I had with Tod, and then you comment on my loses, shame on you, you comment on one of your other entries why the wind blows in Idaho, because Utah sucks. One of the reasons we moved from Idaho is we wanted to see trees that grew vertically not horizontally. We wanted to have above zero winters, and all the other qualities that Southwest Utah provides. Thanks for bringing up the Humanitarian Fund, I believe the fund will provide a wonderful vehicle to provide help and assistance to some deserving people.

7:25 AM  
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