Sunday, July 23, 2006

A Note on Frying in the Sun

So, I guess I'd better give an update of the job situation. So far, so good, but the Wife and the Wizard are both concerned about my well-being. And I kind of empathize with them.

Exhibit A:

Thursday of this week, I went out to Sand Hollow, a local reservoir, and was involved in a monitoring situation on a project that is set to begin construction within the next six or eight months. We were there to insure that no culturally sensitive areas were disturbed by the test drilling of a soils testing firm. All went pretty well, except when the backhoe guy may or may not have driven through a site. We were monitoring but he wasn't paying attention to us. The problem arose from the fact that it was nearly 110 degrees and we were walking around in soft red sand for hours on end. I am a fat man! The sun and I have a tenuous relationship at best, and I have to go out there for hours on end? The Wife and the Wizard are convinced I am going to die. I wasn't convinced of that until...

Exhibit B:

Friday of this week, we went and surveyed a power line project that stretches nearly four miles along the choppiest, up-and-down terrain out here amidst sandstone fins and outcroppings. Add to that the 110-degree temperature for the second straight day and the fat man was in bad shape. I really did start seeing mirages and they were all of the Wizard telling me to get in better shape. It was miserably painful, but I survived and even enjoyed the experience in a sick and twisted way. I am, however, starting to see their side of the argument.

This week:

Office work. I can put to rest the questions for at least another week.

On a side note, the teenager returned from her dad's house last night and all is well again here at the Castle. It's her birthday today (she turned 15!). Happy Birthday, Teenager!


Anonymous Grand Pa Jones said...

Ranger Tom, I will say this once again, and I want you to research the validity of what I say. You need to replentish the salt. I hope enough people on your blog will tell you the same. When I played sports, they always stressed your salt intake. You must do this, or you put yourself in a very drastic position of life. You don't seem to take this very seriously. You must, must , must take care of yourself. I can't take care of your children if something were to happen to you. Love ya.......

4:37 AM  
Blogger Indigo said...

Happy Birthday to the Teenager!

I'm wondering just how much SPF you are wearing on these digs? And are you staying properly hydrated??

7:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real question that goes unanswered is are you able to get any geocaching done while you are out?

Hopefuly you will get more out door jobs and then you might lose a pound or two naturally.

5:55 AM  
Blogger Lucy Stern said...

You must drink plenty of water. Take a water bottle with you and keep it filled with water. You can drink some gatarade to replenish you minerals and salt or you can buy some salt tablets at the store and take them every few hours.

Ranger Tom,,,, Have you ever had a heat stroke? You don't want to, let me tell you.

Eat bananas or kiwis if you can, they have plenty of calcium in them and potasium. Wear a hat at all times. If you get leg cramps, you can mix 1/2 Orange juice with 1/2 quinine water. It will kill leg cramps in a flash. Don't drink sodas, they will actually dehydrate you.

Listen to Grandpa and the wife, they love you. Don't be a marter.

11:04 PM  
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