Monday, June 13, 2005

A Note on the Good Ol' Days

Jo over at Chez le Laquet tagged me earlier this week and I have been slow to respond, so without further ado, I present 5 Things I Miss from my Childhood. Okay, so I have a little more ado before I unveil it. My wife helped me with this as we both lived in the same area and as she just informed me, she is a genius. Any faults in this post should be attributed to her.

5. The Summer Vacation. I am tempted to become a teacher just to get my summers back. I remember the day after school let out every year. I would wake up at about 9:00 in the morning and stumble into the kitchen to see that my mother had made German pancakes and I just reveled in the joy of no school. We always had a big trip planned to look forward to and all my friends weren't doing anything either. It rocked.

4. The Snake River. I miss the Snake because it provided so much entertainment. On a boring day in the middle of the winter, the Snake had something going on. Three-wheelers on the ice, treks out to Goat Island, some kid falling through the ice. It was especially exciting during the aforementioned summer vacation when we would load up the tubes and tube down the river or jump our dirtbikes into it off the ramp at the neighbors.

3. Naps. I wasn't a big fan of naps as a child. In fact, I doubt that I took them at all, but I MISS THEM NOW. Kids, if you are out there in the blogosphere somewhere reading this, go lay down and take a nap! This is the only time you will get to! Please don't cheat yourself!

2. Cold Soda in Bottles. My wife and I both recall extricating a cold beverage encased in glass from those old erector set dispensers. Move the bottle along the track and then pull really hard so the bottle can escape the clutches of the machine. I know they're still around, but I rarely see them. I think the small bottles were only a dime. I remember when they went to a quarter. What a ripoff!

1. Sleepovers. I grew up 20 miles north of a town of 5000, so the chance to have a sleepover was a big production. Mothers had to be called and schedules couldn't conflict. If everything fell together just right, we could have a sleepover. I remember one such cherished event when I went to my friend, Mark's, house. We planned it for months and then when the day arrived, we spent the better portion of the day setting up rules for our club, which we quite cleverly called the Jedi Knight's Club. We then spent the rest of the day sword fighting with willow switches. BTW--at every sleepover I ever attended, I had to eat a food that was forbidden at our house. Red beets, sauerkraut, coconut and lima beans somehow found their way on to the menu at every sleepover.


Blogger janie q said...

i did every single one of those things as well, all i would have to do is change the german pancakes to french toast and the snake river to the credit river, other than that, those are all wonderful memories for me too.

2:55 PM  
Blogger Terry said...

Forts. My father was a carpenter and we had the best forts in town. We practicly lived in them in the summers.

4:34 PM  
Blogger Indigo said...

I soooooooo miss summer vacation. Those were the good ol' days of sleeping in, eating crap all day long, doing nothing I was supposed to, and pretending to vacuum the pool by mixing up the bottom with my feet right before my mom came home from work.

8:50 PM  
Blogger Le laquet said...

Excellent - the whole teacher's summer vacation thing is blown out of whole proportion though - honest! I'll have to work during mine *tries hard to make you all feel guilty*

10:31 PM  

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