Wednesday, June 29, 2005

A Note on the Draft

To my normal readers, I apologize, as I know a post on the NBA Draft is probably not the type of thing you expect here in WilkeWorld, but consider this post, "creative therapy" for the writer. I love this kind of thing.

Kudos go out to my alma mater, the University of Utah. I believe it is the first time that the Number 1 draft pick in both football and basketball came from the same university. It just happens to be my university. Go Utes. Milwaukee got themselves a whale of a player in Andrew Bogut. He is both talented and nasty. He will be a great addition to a team that needed an inside presence.

A few more observations:

The Atlanta Hawks did what everyone expected them to do; they drafted Marvin Williams with the 2nd pick. However, their draft success depends on what they do now. They are loaded with small forward, big guard types like Williams, Josh Smith, Josh Childress and Al Harrington. They are player poor at every other position, so expect them to deal one of those guys to get a point guard at some point. Salim Stoudamire could have been a steal for them in the second round, but he has character issues and could be a bust just as easily as a star.

The Utah Jazz got exactly what they wanted with Deron Williams of Illinois, but I have to question their strategy. With Portland not needing a point guard because they drafted Sebastian Telfair last year, it would have seemed likely that one of the three point guards would have fallen to the 6 slot where the Jazz were originally slotted. I realize that the Jazz brass liked Williams, but is he really that much better than Felton or Paul. I don't think so. So why move up to pay more? I think they got desperate and I think that signability was a big factor in going after Williams. He's married to a white woman, has a kid, and comes from the midwest. I think those were indeed factors in their decision.

The bust of the draft was the selection of Charlie Villanueva with the 7th pick by Toronto. First of all, the Raptors had little success last year with the selection of Rafael Araujo, so they were under the gun with this pick. What did they do? They went and got a guy that, in college, had to be situationally substituted for on the defensive end. The guy has great "us-side", but his down-side was far too evident even in college at UConn. You mean to tell me that if you set Hakim Warrick and Charlie Villanueva side by side, you would take Villanueva? Nice job, Toronto.

Last little thoughts. Channing Frye to the Knicks? This has disaster written all over it. The Charlotte Bobcats could make the playoffs next year in what would be a big shock, but Felton and May sure solidify a pretty competitive team. Another team that could shock next year, my Golden State Warriors. They finish the year with an 18-10 record since the addition of Baron Davis, and then go out and address a need for inside scoring and rebounding with Ike Diogu. I like them. Diogu has a tough time on the defensive end like Villanueva, but at Golden State, Adonal Foyle, a defensive giant, will be behind him at the basket.

The Clippers are still the Clippers. Korolev looked like he was about 14. By the time he can contribute even modestly, his rookie contract will be up, and the Clippers will have to match any offer he has. Just doesn't make sense. Danny Ainge has to be thinking he has some Celtic magic as they got way more value than they could have expected drafting that low. Gerald Green and Ryan Gomes could contribute at pretty low prices.

All in all, the draft will have little effect for several years. I fully expect Detroit and San Antonio to be back in the NBA Finals unless the Heat get Shaq back healthy or the Suns figure out how to play defense in the 4th quarter of games against the Spurs. The more things change, the more they stay the same.


Anonymous grandpa Jones said...

Having been a sports advocate all my life, I too find the draft entriquing. In the last few years I have become less and less involved. I don't like what is happening, too much money, too much sex, scandals, tatoos, murder and on and on it goes. I much rather go to a local school yard and see my grandson play baseball, or go watch my granddaughter be a goalie. I rather take my 2 year old to play on the slide than to watch a bunch of selfish players trying to decide how they can make even more money. K if you want to watch a pro game, call me and I will take the grandkids to the park..........

9:04 AM  
Blogger Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i'll see you at the park grandpa jones

9:37 AM  
Blogger Indigo said...

I accept your apology. ;-)

5:36 PM  
Blogger The Wife said...

blah, blah blah blah...Oh, I'm sorry honey were you talking. All I heard was blah blah sports blah blah.

6:43 PM  
Blogger Mimi said...

YOUR WORSE THEN MY HUSBAND! All I can think of is the DR Pepper commercial with the "manamana" song!

My husband is a big Phoenix Suns fan. That's all he cares about.
That's all I hear about.

7:05 PM  
Blogger Lucy Stern said...

I grew up with baseball so I really did not watch basketball that much. I did hear that the number one pick is quiet a sight to see.

12:12 AM  

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