Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Note to Update

First topic: WilkeWorld Diet

I am doing well. No soft drinks of any kind since I began. I did have the incident with the Wendy's drive thru attendant, so some of you claimed that I cheated the diet. I'm sticking to my story and I think the Duke would have done just as I did, sensitivity training notwithstanding. I did eat a few fries once at an Outback, and my wife severely chastened me, but, on the whole, I have done remarkably well. It is so hard to resist dipping stuff in the ranch dressing though. I am adding one additional rule to the diet. No eating after 9:00 p. m. I am a snacker and from this point forward, nada.....

Second topic: Canasta World Championship

K and Wife--3
Grandpa Jones and Grandma Jones--0

Grandma Jones was severely handicapped throughout the night as we allowed Baby Indy to coo and gurgle much to her distraction and delight.

Last topic--Guinea Pigs

My wife has officially forbidden me to blog on the raw shrimp fiasco as she claims that the readers will think she is a bad cook. I, therefore, will honor her wishes and say that only I ate the final prepared dish just so that we would have a healthy driver in case of complications. So good!!!


Anonymous Grandpa Jones said...

I refrained from talking about the Duke, it seems that one of the bloggers was offended that I assigned attributes that may not have been entirely Dukes, But now you have brought up the Duke again, There is no question that the Duke would have had the lemonade, and the fries, and then he would have done manual labor all day long and the fatness which we all are trying to avoid would be a none issue. I'm sticking with my take on the Duke and stating that he was a rough, tough, cowboy and not a sensitive modern man.............

6:39 AM  
Anonymous Terry said...

No soft drinks, I can do.
No fries, I can do.
No eating after 9:00, I can do.
Raw shrimp...out of the question.

"One of the Bloggers"...muhahaha

8:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grandpa, You are exactly right. The Duke would have worked his way to thinness. I will completely agree with you there.

And I too no offense, and meant no offense by any previous conversations that may have occurred regard the Duke.

11:34 AM  

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