Tuesday, May 10, 2005

A Note on Inadequacy

My wife is currently going into the other room to watch "Dog, the Bounty Hunter" (Don't ask, we all have our vices), and she is taking Baby Indy with her. I want to indoctrinate him with guy shows, but it looks like the Mrs. beat me to the punch.

Baby Indy can now focus on objects and he constantly fixates on me--quite often with a furrowed brow that seems to express some concern. Its as if he is thinking, "I got sent to this guy? Really? This must be a joke, right?"

I want to set him straight. Yes, Baby Indy, it is a joke. You were really supposed to go to Victor and Maria Hernandez in Arequipa, Peru and your name was supposed to be Juan, but in a big mix-up at the bus station on Cloud 9, you got on the wrong bus and wound up here with me. Its really not that bad. True, you will never have adequate access to a bathroom facility, and you will rarely win an argument without resorting to physical force, but the meals are pretty good and your cousins are cool.

It will be okay. Really.

Hey, kid, stop looking at me like that.


Blogger Wendopolis said...

Funny! My baby boy looks at my husband like that, too. :)

6:21 AM  

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