Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Note on The Wife

This is the beginning of the end here at WilkeWorld. For those of you paying attention, the wife has begun to comment on the blog. If things weren't bad enough with Grandpa Jones putting me into place, now the Wife is tracking my every move. Things were good for a while, but now I really have to watch my p's and q's.

Okay, honey, here are the rules for your comments.

1. You may only say nice things about me.
2. If you say mean things, I will release the two-year-old on you.
3. If you and Grandpa Jones concur with each other on your posts, I will have to delete one of you (i.e. no ganging up)
4. Remember that I love you and that you presumably love me, despite the fact that you are burying me in Malad.
5. You are not to encourage my mother to comment in any way.

I think that about does it. Sorry to have to drag the rest of the citizens of WilkeWorld into this family dispute. Carry on.


Blogger Dad the KL city kid said...

Ha Ha Ha!

It was your comment at my Fayemous daughter's blog that got me here and I spent the past hour reading your blogs till 6am now here in Malaysia.

Thanks for your advice to my daughter. As one who married the first woman I ever dated, I had always felt handicapped to give any advice on dating for a teenage girl now turning into a woman. (21 is the adulthood threshold over here!)

I like to respond to your previous blog asking why do people blog. Being late has been my trademark but better late than never as I always say. (Hey no wonder I'm the last born of seven!) Wow I just thought of that and that is one of the reasons why I started blogging.

My daughter inspired me on the technology and my active mind began to extend my personal interest in writing journals to the internet. After the initial start, my active mind combined with an active life created what I now regard as a map of my mind on the computer. The links to sites I've personally created now runs everywhere like our nerve endings so it may confuse any reader browsing through my sites. This is the result despite having intentionally reduced the number of links I'm interested in, else it would be an immensely long list which would include yours.

Now you may notice that I'm becoming like Grandpa with lengthy comments on anything including the Dude. My wife's critique of my writing style is one without punctuations and full stops so I'm here to improve that too. How well I've done I'm not too sure! We definitely need the women to put us on the right track and if you're interested, you can read about her thoughts at

I fully understand your apprehension when the wife gets involved so you know the reason why I haven't quite linked the Singapore Girl's site to mine yet! Ha Ha Ha!

It's nice to meet you in this hi-tech way and I would surely love to see all those post office pics you had mentioned. There are many gallery sites you could use or may have already done so but have not revealed the links yet.

Do have a good day or night where you are!

3:28 PM  
Blogger Faye said...

I guess this blog addiction, and writing way too much thing runs in the family.

You think it's bad that Gramps and The Wife comment on your blog? Well, my mom and my dad, my boyfriend, my sister all read my blog. It's perfect for passive agression. But also very, very dangerous... I try not to complain about them too much.

4:26 PM  

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