Wednesday, May 25, 2005

A Note on Sibling Rivalry

As many of you know all too well, my wife and I are attempting to potty-train our two-year-old. We have tried many motivational techniques in an effort to accomplish this feat with little to no success. She just doesn't seem to be motivated at all.

Well, today, my daughter mentioned that she needed to visit the facilities (she usually does this after the peeing or pooping has already occurred). However, this time the expected mess was still internalized so my wife quickly polished the old loo and hoisted the daughter atop it. After a few minutes, peeing took place but the pooping was a distant possibility. Undaunted, my wife tried convincing our sweet princess to throw caution to the wind and let 'er fly, but she just wouldn't really even try. Then my wife came up with a genious offer.

"Dearest," began my wife, "if you go poops in the potty, I will give you some of your sister's candy."

Oh, the wheels started turning then. She'd been offered candy and chocolate before, but never Sister's chocolate and candy. So the devious little monster concentrated on the task at hand and produced the goods. I think we may be on to something here.

On a related note, as I told this story to my co-workers, one of the gals mentioned that she had to resort to throwing Cheerios into the toilet to motivate her son to pee in the potty. She called it target practice. Again I am the victim of a mother who did her job too efficiently. I was potty-trained well before the Cheerios were needed.

I wonder if Fruit Loops will work just as well. Hmmm..........
Well, I'm outta here. Nature calls.


Anonymous Grandpa Jones said...

I realize that the potty training of your two year old is consuming your life these days, however I am noticing that more and more you are blogging these happenings. I am sure Freud would have a classic moment, not so much about you daughter and her power play to control her bowels, but he would be more interested into your obsession with it. K. I will always make comments on your blogs until grandma and I win at canasta, we suffered so the last time we played. Until a rematch, give me more information to poke fun at, it seems to help me make it through the day.

1:27 PM  
Blogger Indigo said...

Your wife is absolutely BRILLIANT!!

2:11 PM  

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