Thursday, March 24, 2005

A Note on the NCAA Tournament V

Okay, I am ready and willing to tackle another great week of college basketball. I was officially out of the running on my brackets last week as Syracuse lost right off the bat, but I am not discouraged as I did pick a couple of the upsets.

On to today's matchups:

Washington vs. Louisville--I have Louisville picked to go to the Final Four so I won't back down now. I like Louisville. I just think that Rick Pitino's system is well suited to the NCAA Tourney and I like that he has a leader in Francisco Garcia who is not afraid to take a pressure shot. The funny thing is that I like Louisville if the game is in the 70's or 80's but if it gets into a total track meet, it favors Washington. Final verdict: Louisville by 7.

Arizona vs. Oklahoma State--I actually like both of these two team but in this situation I like the team that plays better defense. So....Oklahoma State gets the nod here. I mentioned that Salim Stoudamire will be a star in this year's tournament, and I like him to get his 20 points here, but Channing Frye will struggle and Hassan Adams will not be able to run uncontested down the floor. Look for this one to be tight but the final verdict is: Oklahoma State by 3.

Illinois vs. UW-Milwaukee--The slipper falls and breaks here. I like UW-Milwaukee and have talked about their outside prowess before, but I just think that Illinois will just steamroll in this game. They play three guards consistently which will allow them to pressure the 3-pointer and they are a strong rebounding team. UW-Milwaukee will stay close for the first 15 minutes but the final verdict: Illinois by 19.

West Virginia vs. Texas Tech--I didn't pick either of these teams at the beginning of the tournament and actually thought that both would get upset in their opening round games. Oh, how wrong I was. I believe West Virginia rotates the ball around the perimeter as well as almost any other team in the tourney, and I think that will get them open shots in this one, but I hate to say that I think Tech will find a way to sneak by. They will control and limit every possession and make West Virginia work defensively for 3o seconds before they will attack, and I like that strategy against a streaky team. The verdict: TTech by 6 in a low scoring affair.


Blogger K Jones said...

I won't leave a note on this entry, but for the first two games I looked like a soothsayer, but the last two games didn't play out quite like I envisioned. OK State did not defend like I thought they might, and TTech never really controlled the possessions. I was really impressed with West Virginia.

9:55 PM  
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