Sunday, March 20, 2005

A Note on Dressing Myself

"Honey, honestly, there is no way I am going to let you go to church like that."

So I look in my sock box for a pair of black socks that do not possess little holes right where the big toe rests against the inside of the shoe. I find a pair of socks that may work, but then I realize they do not match. My wife won't let me wear the tan socks with the black shoes, black slacks and white long-sleeved dress shirt, and I can't find a pair of black socks that aren't in tatters. I feel the temperature rising in the room. I make a final plea to allow me the comfort of the tan socks. It is summarily rebuffed.

Aha!! A pair of black socks with thin brown stripes peeks out from the sock box. I hadn't seen it earlier. One small hole may appear later but the pair seems to be wearable. I look anxiously at my wife. Will this pair suffice? She seems relieved that I won't be wearing the tan socks. All is well once again. Catastrophe averted.


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