Saturday, March 19, 2005

A Note on the NCAA Tournament IV

The third day has excitedly ended and although I am officially out of the bracket because of the Syracuse loss to Vermont, my predictions have been pretty right on. A recap:

1. UW-Milwaukee moves on to the Sweet 16 as predicted here at WilkeWorld.

2. Salim Stoudamire gets red hot against UAB and tallies 28 points. I predicted 30.

3. Utah and Oklahoma was brutally physical, but not as physical as the Cincinnati-Kentucky game.

4. My downer for the day was the performance of Pacific. It wasn't so much that they played so horribly, it was that Washington was so dominant. Wow!

As for tomorrow, chances are my wife will steal the remote and forbid me to watch any more hoops, but, in case I steal it back, I look for Bucknell and Vermont to come back to earth a little bit. They will be competetive, but will eventually fall to stronger, deeper teams. I also think the Louisville-Georgia Tech game will be outstanding.


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