Friday, March 18, 2005

A Note on the NCAA Tournament III

I had an inkling last night that Syracuse might be in trouble, so I mentioned it here, and, sure enough, they go out and get schooled by a gritty Vermont team. As for my other observations, I was dead on with Bucknell. I didn't really see Kansas struggling there, but the rules were against them. Remember, the NIT has a habit of showing a strong conference, and this year it was the Patriot and, oh, yeah, we had to remember that we were talking about Kansas.

As for the other first round games on Friday, I figured there would be a few minor upsets and N.C. State was dead on, as was Mississippi State.

And what about my New Mexico pick? They showed up about 30 minutes too late. I lay the blame at Richie McKay's doorstep with that pathetic performance. They were deer in the headlights that first half and they were unprepared. Ditto for Saint Mary's.

Things to watch for tomorrow. I like alot of higher seeds to play well, but I really like Pacific to pull a big upset. They pass the ball so well and can defend. The Huskies cannot turn the ball over if they hope to win this game comfortably. I also believe that the Utah-Oklahoma game might just be one of the most physical games of the tournament. Oklahoma will win cause Utah is offensively challenged, but Bogut's elbows will be flailing. I am still counting on UW-Milwaukee but I just sense that they will struggle from three-point country and that will doom them.

I liked the performance of Francisco Garcia, today. His team struggled but he got them through. The matchup with G-Tech will be exciting.


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