Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A Note on the State of Things

My brother wrote a little bit about 9/11 on his blog a couple of days ago and I guess I need to talk about it as well.

I remember driving to the University of Utah for a few classes and I would listen to an alternative rock station on the way there when I wasn't listening to sportsradio. I thought it odd that they thought the whole thing was a big prank at first. I mean, the DJ was about to crack a joke but he thought better of it, cause he couldn't quite wrap his head around the whole thing. When the second plane hit the WTC, the co-DJ audibly gasped on the air. It was at that moment that I knew things had gone horribly wrong.

I was in the parking lot of the U, sitting in my car, stunned, but I had to get to class. We did very little that day but we all sat there and discussed things in shock. I then went home and the Wife and I watched as both towers fell. It was surreal to discuss with her just how we wanted to tell the Teenager, who was merely 10-years old at the time. We got confirmation that my sister in D.C. was fine and that was a great relief, but we also found out that several people that she know had been killed in the Pentagon. What a tragedy!

Like so many others have said in the last several days, I hope the country unites rather than bickers. I hope we realize the wonder it is to live in freedom and that we will not benefit from in-fighting. Grow up, America!


Blogger Lucy Stern said...

It's true that we must stand united. What a tragic day for our country, a day that we must never forget. As the Lord says, "Remember, Remember". WE have experienced nothing like it since Pearl Harbor.

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