Sunday, October 02, 2005

A Note on the Two Point Conversion

Well, today marks the 3rd anniversary of the birth of our little Touchdown. She was born under rather humble circumstances three years ago in Ogden, Utah. I can remember very well the occasion.

The Wife and I went in to have the Wife induced and at about 4 pm, our little Touchdown was born. She was as cute as a button and I remember that she immediately looked around the room trying to identify her daddy. She definitely recognized my voice and wanted to see who I was. Following that little treat, both Touchdown and I went to the weighing and cleaning room where we waited for the nurses to conduct some tests and give my little bundle of joy a sponge bath. In the meantime another baby and father came in.

Now I know that all babies are wonders, but as I sat in that little room alone with my little baby, I realized she was an angel. The other baby that came in was ugly. I mean ugly in a "Wow, that baby is really ugly" kind of way and I remember being so happy that my little baby wasn't ugly like that little baby. Maybe that is absolutely horrible to say (The wife tells me it is), but I don't care. Some babies are just ugly. Heck, ask my father. I was an ugly baby. But my little Touchdown was most definitely the cutest thing in there. I remember making sure they put the tag on correctly, cause I didn't want them messing up and giving us that ugly baby.

Well, three years later, my Touchdown is still the cutest little thing on the planet. She is a handful, but she is worth every ounce of trouble she causes.

We love you little Touchdown. You are a beacon of joy to the world.


Blogger Indigo said...

Happy birthday to Touchdown!!!!

FWIW, they asked me if I wanted Zoe bathed in the room so I could watch. I was so tired (induced at 8am, she was born at 11:40 pm), that I said no. I never thought of sending Hubby out with her.

6:39 AM  
Blogger Marie said...

Aww! Happy birthday Touchdown!

K, glad you & the wife got the cute one!

When our son was born (also very cute), the pediatrician commented on the fact that not all babies are "aesthetically pleasing." I loved that line.

6:40 PM  
Anonymous brianna said...

Happy Birthday Touchdown!

7:54 PM  
Blogger Anita said...

Happy Birthday, little Touchdown! Your daddy loves you lots!

4:08 AM  
Anonymous Grandpa Jones said...

Happy Birthday Touchdown, I enjoyed your party and marveled at all the things that you do, being just 3 years old. Just a comment on K being a "ugly" baby. When K was born, the fathers never got to go into the delivery room. When they rolled K out, His head was shaped into a cone (being in the birth canal) I did not know this and I was sure the Lord was getting even with me for all my sins. I had been up all night and I drove home thinking about how I was going to explain my little cone head to my family. When I came back later that afternoon, I went into the baby room and looked for my cone head son, I found baby Jones and low and behold the baby I found had a perfectly round head, and I commented that they had made a mistake, my baby had a cone head. I was willing to take this round headed baby in exchange. They explained that most babies that had been subjected to hours of birth had a misformed head and given an hour or two they generally would reform into a nice shaped head. K....I would have loved you anyway....You treat touchdown with love and respect all of her life...

4:53 AM  
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Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Happy belated birthday to little Touchdown. I'll bet she is pretty.

My grandson will be 4 on October 29th. I remember flying to Denver on Halloween to see my new bundle of joy. Aunt Bonnie had sent a Pumpkin costume up for him as his first halloween costume. She has purchased his costumes ever since. This year he will be a fireman with his helmet and all.

8:12 AM  
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