Saturday, June 04, 2005

A List of 101

Lest you all think I'm super-egomaniacal, this list is part of a meme for the Alchera Project, which I am particularly fond of. The goal is to make a list of 100 useless facts about yourself. In essence, A 100 Things About Me. Well, I am changing it a little to be 101 Useless Facts About Me That You Would Have Known If You'd Have Read My Blog. How's that for a ridiculous title? Anyway, I am listing one useless fact from all 101 blog entries. They will be in chronological order with the first fact coming from Post #1, A Note on Pregnancy and ending with a fact from Post #101, A Note on Being Tom Jones. Here goes....

1. My wife had a difficult pregnancy.
2. I have Welsh ancestry.
3. I believe that honesty is a lonely word.
4. I have purchased "the stuff".
5. I am computer illiterate.
6. I photograph post offices.
7. I yearn to be an anthropologist.
8. Old people frustrate me.
9. My wife wears my clothes.
10. My wife and I try to sell her photographs.
11. My mother is Supermom.
12. I get irritated easily.
13. I'm a rock art hound.
14. I emcee a horse race.
15. I do not own a cell phone.
16. I sleep on a Simmons Beautyrest.
17. I was once an addicted swearer.
18. I forgot my parents' anniversary.
19. I vacationed in Colorado.
20. I have never won the Family Final Four Contest.
21. When I travel, I see everything.
22. I throw cattails at semis.
23. I'm Jimmy the Greek without the hair and the racism.
24. I'm a basketball junkie.
25. I got a new job.
26. My little girl is a lot like me.
27. I'm not Jimmy the Greek at all.
28. I don't like the INAH.
29. I rarely dress myself.
30. I am tremendously humble, just ask me.
31. I speak Guarani.
32. I think I know a lot.
33. I'm a fat guy.
34. I secretly want to be Dick Vitale.
35. My blog has a dress code.
36. I'm a part-time lifeguard.
37. I enjoy boring others.
38. I loathe coconut.
39. I watch birds.
40. I am a U of U alum.
41. My shoes stink.
42. I enjoy embarrassing family members.
43. I'm cheap.
44. I say "rad" as if it was 1987.
45. I think I'm Martha Stewart.
46. I can be serious.
47. I've written half a novel.
48. I frequent the penny-candy store.
49. I have been published.
50. I wanted to call my kid, G.I. Jones.
51. I have foot-in-mouth disease.
52. My server stinks like my shoes.
53. I bite my tongue.
54. I owned Barry Bonds' wallet.
55. I read Spanish novels.
56. I sip lemonade from Dixie Cups.
57. I want to strange Caillou.
58. I struggle with sensitivity.
59. I'm married to a normal woman.
60. I find the name "Billy Tahiti" quite pleasing.
61. I'm not Orville Redenbacher.
62. I'm an acorn.
63. I was a non-pregnant husband.
64. My Eagle landed.
65. I will eat anything.
66. I've been pee'd on.
67. Spam is yummy.
68. I've watched Tron.
69. I eat french fries with fry sauce.
70. I bet on horses.
71. I argue with two-year-olds.
72. I'm a proud Stepdad.
73. I've been known to wash my hair twice in the shower.
74. Bad poet.
75. I'm a conspiracy theorist.
76. I'm soooooo vain.
77. I was malnourished as a child.
78. My daughter has a new 'do.
79. I've given up soda.
80. I fear the INS.
81. I sleep closest to the window.
82. I like John Wayne.
83. I've fallen out of a moving bus.
84. I think John Kennedy Toole was a genius.
85. I will be buried in Malad, Idaho.
86. I am the Man.
87. Not fond of chocolate now.
88. I cheat at Canasta.
89. I like dueling banjos.
90. I ate raw shrimp and didn't die.
91. I have a great-looking wife.
92. I never kill imaginary friends.
93. I believe in bribery.
94. Spelling Bee Champion.
95. Doritos are my favorite food.
96. I wash dishes frequently.
97. Big fan of 'the good ole USA'.
98. I have a hairy back.
99. Oprah frequently costs me money.
100. Although I'm a Spelling Bee Champ, I allow my blog to be misspelled.
101. I am Tom Jones.


Anonymous grandpa jones said...

I knew it, I knew it, I knew it, you cheat at canasta!!!!!! Now all I have to do is find out how you do it. I believe I know but I will have to observe it with much more diligence. I have know that I am such a good canasta player and it was so discouraging to lose to you and your wife, I feel vindicated......Oh what a happy day for me. I understand you got beat in trivial pursuit as well, Losing alittle bit of the edge are you K......

4:11 AM  
Blogger Sparkling said...

Off all the lists on blogs, this was my favourite so far... I'm off to scan the rest of your blog, if you don't mind.

6:44 AM  
Blogger Indigo said...

I did a 100 list about a year ago, it was pretty fun once I got started. EXCELLENT placement in your blog!

p.s. Hubby started a blog.... can I plug it?

9:35 AM  
Blogger Lucy Stern said...

What happens if they ask your wife to give a talk in sacrament?

Boy you got Grandpa jones ralled up. Ha Ha Ha.

7:55 PM  
Blogger Mimi said...

I love your list. Thanks for the fun

6:29 PM  

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