Sunday, May 08, 2005

A Note on Mothers

My father once described my mother as a woman with absolutely no guile. Aside from the canasta game, I would have to agree wholeheartedly with that statement. My mother has no pretenses and fewer faults.

As a small boy, I remember being called for supper and upon reaching the table, I noticed that we all had only bowls and spoons. I just figured that Mom had prepared a stew or a soup of some kind. I was shocked, however, when she brought out from the kitchen a heaping bowl of dry dog food and set it down in the middle of the table. She then acted as if she had labored all afternoon preparing the delicious meal that sat in front of us. We all thought it was a joke, ha, ha. Mom didn't let it go, though. She promptly scooped some dog food up and started to put in her bowl and then pour some milk over it. She was going to eat it, we all thought. If she was going to eat it, then we would be expected to eat it as well. She let our bewilderment build for a few minutes before she finally let out a little chuckle and told us it was all a joke.

Absolutely no guile, but a quirky dry sense of humor for sure.

I love you, Mom.
Have a wonderful Mother's Day.


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