Wednesday, May 04, 2005

A Note on the Kentucky Derby

Thundering thoroughbreds thumped down the track
Running to wrestle the roses,
But high in the stands sat a plump old boy
Putting much pressure on his toeses.

See Georgie Porgie had a quick horse
That was surely going to win,
But his precious Yankees were falling
Right in to the garbage bin.

So try as he might to stay focused
On mighty Churchill Downs,
Knowing the Yankees were tanking
Filled him with fears and frowns.

At the quarter pole he realized
His Bellamy Road would garner the prize,
And then he got a brilliant idea
That brought a glimmer to his eyes.

Yes, the Bronx Bombers barely baubled
Under Joe Torre’s tawdry care,
So what they really needed, he thought,
Was Nick Zito’s obvious flair.


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