Tuesday, March 29, 2005

A Note on Hangers and Walk-in Closets

As I look around, I notice that we have far too many hangers. There ought to be a hanger recycling center. We take unhangered clothes to the cleaner each and every week and in return we get clothes on hangers and then the cycle repeats itself. I don't recall us going to the cleaners with hangers. I would assume they would take them back but I am not sure of the hanger etiquette at dry cleaners. Speaking of cleaners, mine, Malibu Cleaners, has cleaning facilities in Miami, Florida, San Jose, Costa Rica and here in St. George, Utah. That is quite the trifecta. I lost a shirt one time and I have no idea where it might be now.
In addition to the hangers in the walk-in closet, I notice that my wife owns lots of shoes, but my wife insists she can only wear two-the black ones and the brown ones-in her current pregnant condition. The remaining 30 pair are just resting now.
On a totally unrelated theme, the walk-in has a funky odor. I think it might be my shoes.


Anonymous Grandpa Jones said...

Tom, I was amused at the recycleable hanger problem. It reminded me of Fruit Cake at Christmas time. I swear there are only twenty fruit cakes in existence and they just keep rotating around from family to family. No one ever eats them, they save them and give them away to some unsuspecting person next year. I'm sure if one was to open the package, they would find that the fruit cake has fossilized.

11:14 AM  

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