Monday, March 28, 2005

A Note on the Final Four

I will begin with all of my woes. The Utes just choked at the foul line. Arizona just choked in the backcourt. West Virginia didn't so much choke as they just lost focus at some point. That'll happen to a #7 seed. So my favorite teams struggled a bit, but it looks like the Final Four should be a tremendous event, especially following the outstanding regional finals.

On to the Final Four picks.

North Carolina vs. Michigan State--I like the talent of Carolina and the big body of Sean May. In the end I just don't think Roy Williams instills confidence at this level. I think his kids look over to him in these situations and they see a guy who hopes they win. On the other hand, Tom Izzo is a winner. His team isn't necessarily the more talented of the teams but they are as athletic as Carolina and I think their senior leadership will carry them through to the National Championship game. Final Verdict: MSU by 6.

Illinois vs. Louisville--This is a toughie for me because I like Louisville so much and I think Francisco Garcia is a special player. I also like the fact that Taquan Dean and Garcia are both willing to take big shots. Garcia struggled getting shots against WV but I expect that he will be a little more comfortable shooting over the smaller guards of Illinois. That being said, I am an Illinois convert. They are quick and relentless. Yes, Arizona should have beaten them, but they just kept plugging along. I hate to say it but Illinois is the better team in this spot and will get easier baskets in transition which will help them late in the game, i.e. they'll be fresher. Final Verdict: Illinois by 9.


Anonymous Grandpa Jones said...

You be sure and give your nephew, cole a call and let him tell you of his picks. I literally had a 15 minute conversation with him. He wants Louisville and Michigan State in the finals. He wants Michigan to win. He really is into it this year.

11:18 AM  

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