Tuesday, August 02, 2005

A Note on the Bookcase

Just purchased a beautiful ladder bookcase for our formal living room. How in the world are we going to prevent Touchdown from climbing up it. Seriously. Help. Emergency Preparedness Minister????


Blogger Better Safe Than Sorry said...

i'm guessing she's not allowed to climb on tables in your home, so i'd start with that, explaining this is another type of table. in the meantime, i'd have the royal hospital on alert, my son has needed stitches twice, i've had to take him both times, trust me on this one, it's not a fun thing to have to physically hold your child down while they freeze the area and then stitch it. hopefully, your little princess is a good listener.

3:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Put butter on the first few rungs. She will never get past them and will soon lose all interest. Hmmm... either that is the stupid suggestion that I meant it to be, or I am an absolute genius.

4:47 AM  
Anonymous john cowart said...

We used to miss snacks from the top shelf of the refigerator and we wondered where they had gone... Till one night we chanced to see our toddler open the frig and climp the shelves like King Kong going up the Empire State Building.

Make life eaiser on yourselves, just put everything on the floor and forget it till she's 18.

6:23 AM  
Blogger Mimi said...

LOL first mistake -- buying a ladder bookshelf with a kid in the house!! Live and learn :o)

Hopefully she wont climb after you explain that it is FURNITURE and dangerous.

I have boys, who have had several stitches, so it's hard for me to think she wont climb.

7:34 AM  
Blogger Wendopolis said...

I can't remember how old your Touchdown is, but just use the same guidelines/rules you do with other stuff she's not allowed to climb on. If that doesn't work, I suggest putting away the ladder bookshelf until sometime in the future, say in 6 yrs when your littlest one is old enuf to stay off! :)

9:45 AM  
Blogger Indigo said...

Better get our your screwdriver and screw that thing to the wall!!!

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Grandpa Jones said...

I am placing my bets on touchdown, I think her conditioning is better, her fortitude is stronger, her intellect is on par with mom and dad, and she is more concentrated in her efforts. There is a wonderful group game call "What were you thinking" You may want to play it more often. Grandpa is only a call away......

12:24 PM  
Anonymous Grandpa Jones said...

To go along with my prior suggestion to get the game "What were you thinking". a good saying might be. "never, never, let anyone pursuade you to suspend your common sense". I can see the two of you going to the store to buy the bookcase and saying "That is just what we want, lets get it." Little did you know, that touchdown was saying, "that is just what I want too".

12:44 PM  
Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Sorry for my tardy answer oh King, I have been tending to other emergencies. Indigo has the right suggestion. When Out little tykes were young we had a ladder bookcase too. My husband secured it to the wall so that it would not fall on them. I made sure the I put my daughters books on the bottom shelf and then explained the the rest of the book shelf was reserved for mom and dad. It worked like a charm.

6:15 AM  

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