Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Note on the NCAA Tournament II

Well, it is the end of the first full day of competition and some teams tangoed nicely while others did the Macarena for a half and bowed out. As for me, I did okay, but that doesn't bode well for me on Friday. My scorecard:

1. I did, in fact, call the UW-Milwaukee game, but I need them to spring another upset over B.C. to get full credit. They are shooters, however, and B.C. is very young.

2. The fact that UW-Milwaukee was a #12 seed beating a #5 seed was also a solid omen for me, but New Mexico was my called shot so I hope they come through.

3. The Utah State-Arizona game was interesting as I predicted with Arizona only scoring 66 points, but the defense they exhibited impressed me. They didn't get the big game from Salim Stoudamire in this one, but I think he will explode in this next game. I say he goes for 30.

4. A lot of top seeds struggled for a half before getting by in the second half...see Gonzaga, Wake Forest, and Illinois.

5. Pittsburgh showed up about a half too late for there to be any real fireworks in their game against Pacific. Look for the game against Washington to be really close. Pacific could pull the upset.

Things to look for tomorrow...

The top 3 seeds all get through, but upsets should rule the day in those in-between games. There is just too much parity in the middle.

A low seed will get a monster performance out of a superstar and almost pull off an upset. Vermont vs Syracuse will be close. I know I picked Syracuse to go all the way, but I have a funny feeling that this will be tight.

Oh, this is fun......!


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