Thursday, March 17, 2005

A Note on the Shoes

I'm traveling down the highway just west of Kayenta, Arizona in the heart of the Navaho Reservation when I notice a pair of shoes suspended from the power lines above the highway. I say just west of Kayenta, but it was more like 8 to 10 miles outside of Kayenta in the middle of nowhere. How did they get there?

I pondered this question for awhile on my trip. Someone had to place them there. It must have been a tedious task trying to throw them up there and actually have them stay there. How long must it have taken? The question of the shoes plagued me further.

I arrived home yesterday and today I posed the question of the shoes to my cohorts at work. Apparently, the shoes on the power line is a common teenage prank played by everyone. Where was I growing up? I totally missed out on the shoes on the power line gig. I thought I was cool. I mean I was down with the cow tipping and the snipe hunting and once or twice I pulled off the Atomic Sit-up prank, but I was clueless about the shoes on the power line. Maybe my youth wasn't as fulfilling as it could or should have been. I would have loved to have stolen a pair of shoes from one of my buddies and have spent countless hours trying to suspend them above the highway. Oh, well, I still have fond memories of throwing cattails at semis.


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