Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Note on Fatherhood

As I have mentioned ad nauseum in this forum, I am a father of two soon to be three. Well, this past night was one of those nights that you long for the old days of singlehood. Not that I would ever want to go back, mind you, but singlehood did have certain perks. A good night's sleep was one of them.

I sleep on a Simmons Beautyrest Pillowtop with excellent motion separation, but last night my wife was so incredibly uncomfortable she was shaking the bed at 15 minute intervals as she tried to get comfortable. At about 2:30 in the morning, as I was in a state of semi-sleep, my wife screamed in agony as Charley's horse made a brief but painful stop in our bed. She nearly kicked me onto the floor as she screamed and struggled to get her calf into a position that I could massage it. Again, I was not the person in pain, so I should just shut up and be thankful, but it didn't help my night any.

After massaging my wife's calf into relative relaxation, I again attempted sleep with mixed results. At about 5:00, my littlest daughter started screaming in her sleep that she was cold. We then heard a thud and a cry for help. Yep, she fell out of bed and bonked her head. I rescued the little angel and carried her to our bed and tried to get her to calm down. She eventually did, but she then saw a need to cuddle up with me. She is a little heater first and foremost, but she is also a little bedhog. Before I knew it, I was attempting sleep on about five inches of mattress.

That experience ended about 10 minutes ago and now I am writing this blog entry.


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