Monday, June 04, 2007

A List of Concepts I Think I Understand But I Don't

1. Anti-Oxidents...I think I need them and I know that some foods have all of them that I need, but I then get confused and I think this is something you don't want in your car. Or do you want them in your car? They sound like something that builds up in your car. I am anti-anti-oxidents. Or am I pro-anti-oxidents? Does Dr. Pepper have any? Cause then I'd know if I like them.

2. Electrolytes...Gatorade has lots of them but I get a little constipated when I drink a lot of Gatorade so...

3. Estrogen...Well, this needs no explanation.

4. Ethernet...I think you plug it in to a USB port, whatever a USB port is.

5. Attention Deficit Disorder...I apologize now to all of you that have this disorder, but it sounds to me like boredom. The average attention span of an average adult is 22 minutes. I have spent 8 hours straight playing Runescape on the internet so I have no concept of this disorder.

6. Trans-Fat...I don't like it, whatever it is.

7. MSG...Chinese places don't use it, but it is in Doritos? How bad can it be?

8. Oprah...Yeah, Oprah is a concept. One I really don't understand.

9. Deal or No Deal...Ummmmmmmmmm, they pick briefcases and then they open them and then Howie goes to commercial.

10. The Chicago Cubs...


Anonymous Jaime Mitchell said...

Dear K Jones,
Just going through random blogs after my sister sent me an invite to her newly made site. I quickly went through about 5 sites when I stumbled upon yours and thought the concepts were very funny. The funniest part of all is when I saw you live in Santa Clara...I grew up in Bloomington! My hubbie and I now live in Rochester, NY as we complete school but plan to eventually return to the greatest city on earth---go St. George!!
Thanks for the laughs,

7:36 PM  
Anonymous Marnie said...

Great work.

7:54 AM  

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