Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A List of Food Favorites

I have done one such list once before and I really enjoy trying to come up with things that are both thought provoking and yet entertaining (well, maybe not entertaining). So here goes...

My favorite berry: I am going to go with the raspberry here. Yes, a good strawberry shortcake is tempting and a boysenberry pie a la mode makes my knees weak, but the raspberry is just so versatile and my mother's raspberry jam is the all-time best. Yep, the raspberry it is.

My favorite ethnic food: Mexican. This would have been a clear-cut winner about 15 years ago, but now my palate is a little more refined and I like a good Indian curry or a spicy Thai dish. I even like the occasional unagi from a sushi place, but there is nothing, and I repeat, nothing better than well-done Mexican food. I prefer slow-cooked goat to be honest but pollo pibil and poc chuc are welcome as well.

My favorite spice: Garlic. Hands down. Now I love cumin and curry, but it is sometimes hard to convince my wife to let me use them all the time, so around here, garlic reigns supreme. My mother did give me a great dill dip recipe that uses Beau Monde, though. I need to revive that here.

My favorite fast food joint: As a single guy, I ate out 100% of the time. So for nearly 11 years I ate fast food when time was an issue so I know my fast food. For day to day usage, nobody beats the big girl, Wendy. She usually features fresh tomatoes and lettuce and the beef just tastes more like beef than the rest. Now, I do like the new Ciabatta Bacon and Cheese at Jack in the Box, but any place that serves the kind of tacos they serve can never be considered the best. On a side note, Fatburger in Vegas rocks as does Pepe's in Los Angeles.

My least favorite fast food joint: There are so many bad ones that I hate to limit it to just one, but my least favorite fast food joint is Little Caesar's. I just cringe when the wife ponies up the five bucks for a pepperoni. Now I know everyone has their horror stories about places, mine include the aforementioned Jack in the Box, the lovely Carls, Jr., and the sometimes horrific Burger King, but Little Sleazer is just plain bad. Oh, and I will only eat one thing at Taco Bell.

My favorite vegetable: Broccoli.

My favorite fruit: Seedless oranges (in season). I kind of like Clementines, too.

My weird food stuff: Okay, so I don't like fresh apples, but in a pie they are delicious. I love fresh bananas but anything banana-flavored is nasty. Same thing with peaches. I love fresh peaches over vanilla ice cream, but give me peach yogurt and I will likely lose my cookies. I love raisins but put them in anything and they are instantly nasty. Carrots - raw not cooked. Spinach - raw not cooked. Onions may only be added if they are chopped finely.

I hope this has all been enlightening.


Blogger John Cowart said...

Interesting list. For myself, I have eaten so much Chinese food that I’m shaped like Buddha!

5:20 AM  
Anonymous The Wizard of WilkeWorld said...

Finally a subject that I have a lot of knowledge about.
#1 The Burger Bar, you can add as many hamburger patties as you want, the record is around 18. They have custom made buns, fresh fries, and fresh fruit shakes......
#2 Chuck A Rama all you can eat. The local college kids call it up chuck a rama, but it is very fresh food, and when you are with a party of people that can't decide where to go to eat, a good place.
#3 I am a steak and potato kind of guy and I have my favorite. Rococco's, high on a hill overlooking St. George, Utah makes a good evening of dining....
I frequent most eating places, I have a favorite hot dog place called the Dog Father.......

6:18 AM  
Blogger Indigo said...

I'm allergic to raspberries. They give me hives, and a nice big panic attack comes next. LOL!

Mexican? What are you thinking???? How about pizza, isn't that ethinic?

I love your weird food stuff section, may I use it for the QOTD?

7:10 AM  
Blogger Le laquet said...

Favourite berry ~ also rapsberry.
Ethnic food ~ Southern counrty french or Basque.
Favourite spice ~ gotcha, garlic! Has to be!
Favourite fast food ~ KFC, things are a little limited here ... but then we do have greasy spoons which serve a full English. Not healthy BUT totally delicious!
Favourite vegetable ~ butternut squash.
Favourite fruit ~ grapes.
Weird food stuff ~ contrasts, sweet + savoury like cheeses (cheddar) and strawberry jam sandwiches. Yeh ok, that is weird!

11:12 PM  
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