Thursday, March 30, 2006

A Note on Jeopardy

So last night I attempted the Jeopardy online contestant test. It was fifty questions and they ranged from impossible to relatively easy. I think I did okay, but they don't release any final scores so it's hard to say just how well I did. The test in and of itself was difficult but throw in the Touchdown Factor and it was a nightmare.

I mistakenly thought Touchdown would remain in the front room watching Big Disney (you know, Raven and Zack and Cody), so I prepped her by saying, "Touchdown, Daddy has a big meeting and he needs to have you stay out here." She replied that she would be a big girl and watch Big Disney. The test only lasts ten minutes so I felt confident she could do it.

Well...I got three questions into the test and she comes knocking on the door in a panic. She has to go to the potty. I can't help her. She knows how to go, so I encourage her to go by herself. Nope. Instead, she just pees her pants and then screams bloody murder right in front of the office door.

The steam that was coming out of my ears was observed in at least five neighboring counties.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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6:29 AM  
Blogger Marie said...

Man, you are a spam magnet, Jones!

That Touchdown... she knows how to time it, huh?

1:28 PM  
Blogger Wendopolis said...

They always know, don't they? Never trust the word of a child under the age of ten. They will never be able to stay away when you want them to. And then *sigh* they won't come when you want them to...

5:53 PM  

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