Monday, April 03, 2006

A Note on the Apprentice

I have no real interest in a man with really bad hair and an ego that is so huge it hardly fits in a room, but I sat down today and watched the Apprentice and just had to comment on the trainwreck that is the Donald. He totally missed the boat with Bryce. Anyone who stands up for his people and takes the blame for a failure is a standup guy in my opinion. Bryce did that and yet not one person stood up for him. They all abandoned him in the room and so he had to bring two people into the room with him. He chose the two that contributed the least in his opinion and the Donald bagged him.

I hate that his two henchies just sit there and agree one hundred percent with that nitwit. Of course they have to, cause he only wants yes-men. Anyway, Donald, if you are listening (and why would you, you're own voice drowns out everything else in a thirty mile radius?), quit allowing people with real moral fortitude to leave your boardroom.

Oh, and wash that smirk off your face. It is so unbecoming with all that hot air escaping your pie-hole.


Blogger Lucy Stern said...

Well, I actually watched the show too. The one that should have been fired was the girl that set up the appointment and made everyone else late. Donald was right on that point. When they are 25 minutes late, they start off on a bad foot. They did not get the main point across, that the chicken natural, could only be bought at Arby's. The girls who did the work on the song and lyrics missed on that point too. Yes, they did a lot of work but they missed the point. I agree that Bryce was a good honest man, and proud of his team, but he took the wrong people into the boardroom and he ended up getting fired....It's too bad. In the real world, he would have lost the account and probably been fired anyway.

PS. I'm not a fan of "the Donald" either.

10:03 PM  
Blogger Indigo said...

I agree! I thought Bryce was a totally stand-up guy, and the best leader that the team has had yet!

7:10 AM  
Blogger Marie said...

I agreed with the firing of Bryce. I thought he was a doormat. He was trying to be everyone's father, and he rubbed me the wrong way the entire show.

I thought it was incredibly poor leadership when the project manager didn't know what time their appt was with the CEO. Hello? The CEO! That was mega important. And the group was very immature -- no one apologized when they got there... even the ones who knew what time the appointment was.

In the board room, Bryce talked in circles. Round and round. He didn't have a leg to stand on. Donald fired him for his poor choice on which two to bring in to the board room. Maybe he was just trying to get himself fired -- that's what it looked like to me.

I'm with the Donald & would have canned Bryce too. Yeah, Trump's a character, but I think his business instincts are dead-on 99% of the time. He really doesn't want yes-men. He wants people who could lead a Trump organization.

7:13 AM  
Blogger K Jones said...

Marie, you make some valid points about not knowing the time of the initial meeting but I don't see how you can fault Bryce for who he brought into the boardroom. He brings the Jewish guy knowing full well that he won't be fired so that leaves just two very different decisions. You either fire Bryce, who had the most to do with the project or Lenny, the guy who contributed the least to the project. Yes, he could have chosen one of the girls to bring with him, but ultimately he approved the lyrics and the music so he was responsible more than either of them. I agreed with him that the decision was between the one who did the most and the one who did the least. He underestimated the Donald's pettiness but you can hardly fault him for that. Can you?

9:14 AM  
Blogger Marie said...


It's never over til the board room scene.. there have been several firings over the seasons of this show that have been a direct result of what someone did in the board room. As Donald says, the whole thing is a job interview. If you screw up right in front of Donald, you're done. Chances are you'll be canned. It's customary to bring the people into the boardroom who were responsible for the loss. In this case, it was neither Lenny or the other guy he brought in.

11:22 AM  

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