Sunday, April 03, 2005

A Note on My Other Blog

Several years ago, I set out to write the Great American Novel. I worked hard for about 2 months before I realized that writers are gluttons for tedium. Since that time, I have added a few things to the story with the hope that I will find the fire once again and forge on to finishing the novel.

That brings me to the other blog which I have linked above. I am now blogging my novel. Not so much to get a response from people but more to encourage myself to keep writing. The story is about a down-on-his-luck slacker who gets a mysterious malady that threatens to either ruin his life more or enhance it, albeit, not in the fashion he might imagine.

It is a work in progress, but if any of you have the time and energy to read it, I would appreciate any constructive feedback. Thanks.


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