Saturday, March 05, 2005

A Note on Entrepeneurship

My wife and I have recently begun a business adventure of sorts. We are selling fine art prints online at under the name of K Jones. Now I don't pretend for a second that we are awesome photographers and our photos will alter world history as we now know it, but they do have some artistic value. Henceforth, we are selling them.

The problem with this whole enterprise is that we are both so conservative and tight with our money and our ideas. We only started this endeavor because the buy-in amount was a measly $9.95 and the amount of real exposure we might receive was minimal. If we had had to fork out any substantial dough, or if our photos would have been seen by thousands, my Amex card would have had one less swipe. Why am I so cheap? The old adage is that it takes a buck to make a buck, well, if that is true, I haven't done enough deer hunting.

My buddy, Jeff, on the other hand, is constantly maxing out his credit cards and spending money he might make some day. Well, his ship came in not too long ago and I am still playing rubber duckies in the tub. Would someone please talk some sense into me?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have found you site, and you have unusual wit. However I have always felt that in the sarcasim that one shares, there is alot of deep seated emotions that need to be sorted out. I dare you to do something daring. But you must realize that your friend had alot of sleepless nights, and he was not a blogger I am sure.

4:29 AM  

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