Friday, April 08, 2005

A Note on Toddler Psychology

Maybe I am not cut out for parenting.

My little girl is obviously watching me and I am letting her down. Yesterday she wanted her ballerina shoes tied and asked me if I would help her. I kneeled down and grasped both shoelaces firmly and started my knot when I was interrupted.

"No, Daddy, no!" she implored. "Not like that. Do the thing you do. The thing like this." I watched closely as she contorted her face in concentration and stuck her tongue halfway out of her mouth. She then carefully bit down on her tongue.

"Like this, Daddy. The thing with the tongue like this."

Oh, great. I can hit the fadeaway jumper like the overweight thirtysomething I am, but my tongue is the only semblance I have to Michael Jordan. My little girl associates tying one's shoes with biting one's tongue.

Way to go, Dad.


Anonymous Grandpa Jones said...

K. Jones, you have a wonderful little girl, and yes, they will watch every thing that you do and will try to duplicate it. She will look to you and your wife initially and then she will start to look to friends, choose wisely.

7:30 AM  

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