Saturday, April 09, 2005

A Note on the Dodgers

As of right now, the Dodgers top their division by one full game. Yes, we are just four games into the 2005 season, but considering the shakeup that occurred over the winter, this may be my last opportunity to shoot some arrows of outrageous fortune toward the Bay Area Beanstalkers.

On a related note, I once owned one of Barry Bonds' wallets.

I worked for a leather retailer in Las Vegas, and one winter Barry and former teammate Bobby Bonilla came in my store and Barry purchased a new wallet from my friend. Barry didn't want his old wallet so he was going to throw it away. My friend knew that I was a baseball fanatic so, instead of chucking the wallet, he saved it and gave it to me. I, of course, gratefully accepted the wallet, but since I am a diehard Dodger fan, I couldn't possibly keep it. Eventually I gifted the wallet to my dad who used it for awhile and probably chucked it himself.

I didn't realize at the time that I probably should have kept it and sold it on E-Bay. I wonder how much I could have sold that wallet for now.


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