Friday, February 25, 2005

A Note on Computer Geeks

I have come to realize this week that every good family needs a computer geek. Yes, someone that carries around a little flashlight on a keychain and thoroughly loves the challenge of ridding a computer of some unknown virus.
I made the cataclysmic mistake this week of clicking on some pop-up advertising as I was surfing and my computer fell quickly and precipitously into the depths of cookie hell. Cookies and pop-ups were invading the screen so quickly it felt as if I was playing Space Invaders as I tried unsuccessfully to ward off the demons. During this chaos, I realized that my family has no computer geek. We are completely geek-free.
My brother, Dave, has the cranial capacity for geekdom, but, alas, he opted for biology (a closely related field, but of no use in this situation). My nephews could be headed for geekdom, but now their skills are limited to the repair and installation of X-Box games. My family lacks a true geek. Considering my options, I dragged out the trusty Yellow Pages and dialed up the store with the highest geek potential.
In choosing the store, I considered many factors such as price, availability, and professionalism, but ultimately I just picked the store with the geekiest-looking tech. I hit the gold mine. Craig was the geek assigned to us and he did not disappoint. In shortly under two hours, he had rid my machine of its demons and had us up and running. Craig, we will be sending the adoption papers shortly. Welcome to the family.


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