Monday, February 14, 2005

A Note on this Blog

My very first post was entitled, "A Note on Pregnancy", and I thought I would throw it up on the blog board first for two reasons. First, I wrote it a few months ago so I didn't really have to sit down and come up with something original the first day of my blog. Second, I think it defines what I would like to do with this blog. It was a bit humorous but hopefully a bit poignant as well. I enjoy sharing my experiences with the world (its said that my Jones family lineage is a lineage of storytellers), and I hope the world will be all too willing to share my experiences as well.
I am descended from a long line of Welsh miners who emigrated from Wales in the 1850's and settled in Southern Utah shortly thereafter. My grandfather didn't follow in the mining vein like his ancestors, but rather headed to the hills as a sheepherder in Southwestern Colorado. My father, while known by all as a hard worker, got a degree in Counselling and went to work in Child Care. Yes, I grew up on a boy's ranch in the potato fields of the Snake River plain in Idaho. I hope that through my blog entries, you, the reader, will get to know and appreciate these people as I have. I am sure my wife and daughters and soon-to-arrive son will also be featured prominently in my blogs (albeit much to their collective chagrin).


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